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tray conveyor system

The components of the tray conveyor system were developed for transporting trays of various dimensions up to a weight of approx. 350 kg.

Trays are especially designed to carry various types of cartons, boxes and loose material, which couldn´t be stored in automatic warehouses.

BINDER as the leading manufacturer of tray conveyors has developed special roller conveyors and chain conveyors for this purpose. The carrier element is a single roller chain with fitted plastic clips. This results in smooth and low-noise transport. The drive is provided via a continuous shaft with a geared motor. The individual chain sections are tensioned separately. Reversing operation is possible. Small chain deflectors on roller bearings permit lengthwise and crosswise transport of the most common loading aids without changing track. Our range also includes roller beds for lengthwise transport. High level quality and robustness made by BINDER.

chain conveyors

roller conveyors

corner transfers


Tray Conveyor System from BINDER – Flexibly scalable and expandable

BINDER supplies all components in proven quality and robustness. Even the tray conveyor system is flexibly scalable and expandable. In combination with the various intralogistics components from BINDER, we work with our customers to develop a custom-fit solution for their tray conveyor system that meets all requirements for efficient and future-proof intralogistics. Would you like to learn more about our conveyor technology?

Then get in touch with us, we look forward to your inquiry!