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"Satisfied customers are the best references – and the only ones who count!"“

Good references say more! Our conveyor technology, which we have been building and assembling for 45 years, is characterized by absolute reliability and longevity. We not only supply end customers, but have also been working together as a quality manufacturer of mechanics for many years in a trusting and successful manner with almost all renowned general contractors in the intralogistics industry.

As integrators, they successfully use our conveyor systems in plants of all industries, starting with the warehouse pre-zone, as a conveyor system or in goods receiving area or shipping zones. Our materials handling technology reliably supports logisticians in a wide range of industrial and commercial areas in their daily work, transporting pallets, lattice boxes, trays and dollys within a company.

We are glad to show references in different branches and insdustries - worldwide. Don´t hesitate to call us!