Technical specifications

  • Stable welded construction
  • Central drive station with integrated chain tensioners
  • 2- / 3- or more strand version
  • ¾" duplex chain
  • Speed: 0.50m/s max
  • Fall protection on both sides
  • Load: up to 350 kg

Tray Conveyor Technology

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors are among the “workhorses” in intralogistics. When trays have to be conveyed crosswise, chain conveyors are unbeatable. Thanks to the uncompromising quality in production, our chain conveyors work safely and reliably even under the most demanding conditions.

The chain conveyors from BINDER are ideal for use in the normal temperature range, as well as for use in the fresh and frozen areas. Even at temperatures down to -28 ° C, our chain conveyors ensure that the load carriers are transported quickly and smoothly. The conveyed goods are carried away on a roller chain with attached plastic clips. The highly wear-resistant plastic slide rail attached to the frame structure ensures low-friction and low-noise operation. It is driven by a continuous shaft with a gear motor. The individual chain strands are tensioned separately. Reversing operation is possible. Small chain deflections with roller bearings allow the trays to be transported across without changing lanes. The accumulation takes place through cyclic operation or bulk formation of the conveyed goods.

The chain conveyors from BINDER are adapted to the individual requirements of our customers. That relates to the length and width of the conveyors as well as their transport speed. Would you like to find out more about our chain conveyors? Don´t hesitate to call us for further information.