Specifications & Benefits

  • Roller diameter: 60 mm with PVC coating
  • Speed: max. 0.50 m/s
  • Load: up to 300 kg
  • low wear
  • silent operation
  • easy maintenance
  • modularly expandable

Tray Conveyor Technology

Roller Conveyors

Automatic conveyor lines are for intralogistics what the veins are for the human blood circulation. They ensure the smooth transport of products and load carriers between different areas such as incoming goods, production, warehouse and dispatch.

BINDER Fördertechnik develops and builds its roller conveyors according to the individual specifications of its customers. The decisive factors are the properties of the goods to be transported: size, weight, condition - all the relevant factors are taken into account by our engineers so that the roller conveyor can later optimally meet all requirements. Are you conveying fragile or sensitive goods? We also offer an ideal solution for this, for example equipping the conveyor system with PVC-coated or damped rollers. We use efficient and reliable electric motors to drive the conveyor rollers. The force either acts from roll to roll. The drive and the chain tension are usually arranged in the middle. Use in reversing mode is also possible. The conveyance takes place continuously; a cycle operation controlled by the PLC is possible.

In combination with corner transfers, turntables and other components from our portfolio, we develop versatile conveyor solutions even for complex intralogistics projects. Would you like to find out more about BINDER roller conveyor solutions? Then contact us! Our engineers will support you.