Technische Daten

  • Hub: elektromechanisch über Exzenterhubwellen
  • Lifting: electromechanical via eccentric stroke
  • Hubführung über wartungsfreie Axialrollen
  • Hub: max. 120mm
  • Positionierung über Näherungsschalter
  • Stabile Schweisskonstruktion
  • Zentrale Antriebsstation mit integrierten Kettenspannern

Tray Conveyor Technology

Corner Transfers

Fast, silent, reliable: the corner transfer units from BINDER take up very little space by combining roller and chain conveyors. The connection of conveyor lines in two directions at a 90 ° angle enables flexible distribution of the trays, even in complicated spatisl conditions.

For right-angled in- and outward transfers as well as for moving the conveyed goods between parallel conveyor lines, we equip the corner transfer units with powerful lifting elements. The lifting element is driven electromechanically.